Lanterns In Bad Weather

The safety is the priority issue which need to be considered before planing one lantern festival in some countires and religions. our clients worry about this problem very much if it is the first for them to stage this event there. they comment that it is quite windy,rainy here and snow sometime. are these lanterns safe under this kind of weather?

Lantern Festival Launched At Birmingham

Lantern Festival Birmingham is back and it’s bigger, better and so much more impressive than last year! These lanterns just launched at the park and start to install immediately.The stunning landscape plays host to the festival this year. and will open to the public from 24,Nov,2017-1,Jan,2017.

Features and Advantages of Lantern Festival

Lantern festival features grand scale, exquisitely fabrication, perfect integration of lanterns and landscape and unique raw materials. The lanterns made of china wares, bamboo strips, silk worm cocoons, disc plates and glass bottles make lantern festival unique.different characters could be manufactured based on different themes.