You don’t need the magnifying glass to inspect these little insects any more. According to scientific data, we can magnify natural insects to dozens of times to process them into animatronic insect or fiberglass insect depend on client’s requirement.

      Our big size insect model is different to animatronic dinosaur, that has mixed manufacturing way. In order to fetch texture skin, we need to use fiberglass as material to make insect’s skin. In the part of monorized drive, mixing silicone to fill a vacancy on fiberglass skin and have moveable elasticity. Like this, one perfect animatronic insect is produced. It is another interested theme decoration, which is different from fiberglass animal decoration.

      We can customize big size insect models as Ant, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Beetle, Locust, Spider……

How We Manufacture the Animatronics Insects

Welding Steel Structre and Install the Motors

Modeling and Sculpture WorkTexture Work and Sking-Grafting By Smearing Silicone

Finished Animatronic Butterfly

Finished Animatronic Butterfly Testing In Factory