Rare jungle animals as lion, tiger, rhino and boa etc.; mysterious desert animals as camel, eagle and bat etc.; familiar farm animals as pig, dog and cock etc. We can make any type of animal above in the mode of Animatronic Animal. Without going to nature, you still be intimate under the city life.

      We customize any type of animatronic animal depend on client requirement. The animal models is available of show at zoo, shopping mall, theme park…… They also are good for business event.

How We Make The Animatronic Animals

Welding Steel Structure and Spray Anti-Rust Paint

Sculpture and Texture Work on High Density Foam

Sking-Grafting(Silicone) and Fur Implant

Finished Aniamtronic Mammoth with Real Fur

Animatronic Mammoth Test On Site